Saturday, June 22, 2013


We've not had an update for awhile, because...well, because we've been under lock and key (something that a number of you have been recommending for years...), but now is just as good a time as any.

The NL can be thankful that they didn't have any more games scheduled against the Blue Jays, who have now won ten straight and have made the AL East (temporarily, at least) into a division will all .500+ teams.

As the schedule shows, we'll have a mini-swarm of interleague games next week, and the matchups there seem to favor the NL a bit, so that might be the Senior Circuit's best chance to get things squared up again.

We're not holding our breath, however. The NL has fallen back in recent weeks despite continuing to hold an edge in one-run games (currently 27-20 in their favor). So it's not possible to claim that they are victims of bad luck in the close ones...

Meanwhile, the "drip" approach continues to leave coverage of interleague play at a level that is best analogized in medical terms (as befitting our original remember, that sinister glucose bag?): there's only the faintest trace of a pulse.

[UPDATE: The NL didn't take advantage of its advantage in the recent flurry of interleague games, managing just a split over the past five days. The AL is still nine games ahead...]