Thursday, March 31, 2016


So much non-baseball stuff happening now that it seemed likely that we'd skip the entire month of March...but it seemed appropriate to take stock of where things can go with the BBB blog for the 2016 season given all of the other items "on the plate" (film festivals, books, travel, with the "aftermath" of filmmaking efforts still TBD...).

So weighing all of that, this is what will likely be here during the next six months:

--We will commit to summaries of the QMAX-based look at starting pitching and "team luck" that we first debuted last year. Ways to reduce its labor intensiveness have been worked out  so that it should be something that can appear at least bi-weekly.

--We will continue to track complete games, as we suspect this might well be the year that they drop below triple figures.

--We will continue to provide, on a less frequent basis, the usual offbeat coverage that has brought us so many arrows and slings over the years.

--We will find some time to do more "numbers unnumbed" efforts, where we will expose the follies of (post)-post-(neo)-post-neo saber metrics, a field that has (at last) reached terminal velocity.

As always, we look forward to another (hopefully) counterintuitive baseball season, save for the one item that will keep the nation and (who knows...) the universe in precarious balance: no World Series rings for those Cubs...would not the vast empty regions of space be infinitely boring without the cosmic caterwauling of the damned??

Stay tuned...