Thursday, April 24, 2014


The cake that didn't get eaten before the eggplant ate Chicago...
Now here's a development that would cause Marie Antoinette to lose her head. (Oh, wait...)

The Chicago Cubs just had their Wrigley Field centennial celebration sabotaged. The giant (400 lb.) cake that had been created to commemorate the occasion not only went uneaten, it was discovered in such a degraded condition that it wasn't even considered viable for the Second City's cadre of dumpster divers.

Now, over the years, we've had virtually no love for the Cubs. We might have melted a bit for the Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance squad, the one with Harry Steinfeldt and all those phenomenal pitchers, but the more recent history and those who've made it have left us with a chronic case of freezer burn.

But, for goodness' sake, that's what some dimwit in the Cubs' organization needed to acquire--a freakin' freezer for the Wrigley Field cake. Chalk another one up to that overrated brain trust (Theo and Jed) who are in process of leading the Cubs on an extended errand into the wilderness. The buck--and the cake--stops there.

We think a road trip for the Biotic Baking Brigade is in order, to attend Theo's next press conference and greet his face with the business end of a Moon Pie, all while presenting him with this year's "Mr. Marshmallow Award" (given every year to the biggest heavyweight who is really a lightweight).