Monday, April 22, 2013


Of course it's only OPS, and it's just from July 21st of last year until yesterday, but here are the top thirty hitters in baseball over that time span:

Some surprising names on this list, don't you think?? Did anyone know that Aramis Ramirez had been playing that well? Chris Davis and Miguel Cabrera have hit the most HRs in the time span (rouughly half a season). Coco Crisp with 13 HRs over half a season??

Looks like Justin Upton has hit as many homers in the first 3+ weeks of April as he did over the last portion of 2012. And Carlos Santana may at last be rounding into form in what is now his age-27 season (though he can really hit into those DPs, can't he?).

Note the presence of both Bryce Harper and Mike Trout on this list. Highest BA: Torii Hunter (.366). Lowest BA: Mark Reynolds (.244).

Data courtesy of David Pinto's terrific Day-by-Day Database.