Saturday, April 13, 2013


...but the National League is more than holding its own in the new, expanded and "improved" version of interleague play.

The New York Mets' 16-5 drubbing of the Minnesota Twins yesterday was the seventh win in ten interleague contests for what used to be called the Senior Circuit. (Anyone who calls it that now is clearly some kind of "Senior" in his or her own right.)

Now, of course, it's very early, so we won't get all warm and gooey as a chocolate chip cookie left out on a Savannah street corner...but it's worth at least getting the fact out there, because you might simply forget about it otherwise now that interleague play has been transformed into something resembling a slow drip.

In a way, this daily dose is preferable: it's more of a manageable condition that one lives with as opposed to a siege of incapacitating illness as the old "regime" had been. No one seems to be keeping track, no one seems to be highlighting the fact that we now have this "daily drip" (a search of the Internet does not reveal a list of the games broken out unto themselves), it's all shall we say...."clinical."

Yes, that's exactly the right word. And is that, by any chance, a blurred image of Bud Selig standing back there in hospital gear? Interestingly enough, an internet search combining Bud's name with "intravenous drip" returned an article discussing the best delivery method for a lethal injection. Coinkidink? We think not.