Tuesday, April 16, 2013


As we noted earlier, interleague play is on a "slow drip" in 2013; it's as if we aren't really supposed to know much about it anymore. Of course, those of you who frequent Forman et fil will always be able to see what the running tally is (it's displayed in a semi-prominent place on their main page), but a search of the Internet failed to turn up any place where the interleague schedule was broken out.

So, naturally, we are here to fill that information gap. The chart at right is simultaneously your schedule and results table for interleague play. Just in case you're wondering, AL wins are marked in orange, NL wins are marked in light blue. (Rainouts are shown in gray.)

What surprised us when we compiled it, however, was a fact that never surfaced in any of the coverage referencing the deployment of interleague play in 2013. Namely, that there would be days like today (April 16) where there are multiple interleague games.

For the next three days, we'll have more than one game--three today and tomorrow, and two on Thursday the 18th. Who knew?

We don't know how often this will happen in 2013 because we haven't compiled the full interleague schedule yet--but we'll be back with that info for May, and (unless one of our highly motivated readers wants to leap in with the answer...) we'll all find out then. Our understanding is that there are a couple of weekends in May and June where interleague play will take over in the kudzu-like way it used to; that will make our chart more lopsided, of course.

But as you already know, we live for lopsided...also anything "upside your head," sideswiped, semi-permeable, and simultaneously sacred and profane. Interleague play sure seems to fit (somehow) into each and every one of those odd mental categories, so there you go. And here we go...