Sunday, July 27, 2014


We are suddenly back in business with respect to the record for fewest CGs in a season.

MLB went thirteen days between full-length CGs (at least 8 IP), which reduced the 2014 projection down to 103.

Some of this, of course, was due to the All-Star Break, which padded things by four days.

But that gap, which was finally closed when Clayton Kershaw tossed a two-hit shutout against the Giants on Saturday (7/26), is the greatest length of time between CGs in 2014.

The only stretch approaching it is the one that occurred at the beginning of the season.

At right is the day-by-chart for CGs in 2014. We've added them up by day of the week, and as you can see, Monday is the scarcest day (only two CGs).

(Days with one CG are shown in yellow; days with two CGs are shown in light orange; days with three CGs are shown in bright orange.)