Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2015: COMPLETE GAMES #26, #27, #28, #29, #30, #31, #32

David Price takes the lead in CGs for 2015 with two in a row (#26, 6/5; and #28, 6/12), giving him a total of three for the year.

The Giants' Chris Heston (as you'll doubtless recall) threw a CG when he tossed his no-hitter vs. the Mets (6/9, #27).

Two losing CGs occurred on the same day (6/ was NOT a Friday, alas), one for Zack Greinke (#29, a 2-1 Dodgers loss to the Padres) and the other for Kendall Graveman (#30, a 1-0 A's loss to the Angels).

The next day (6/14, #31) Max Scherzer stuck out 16, the most since Brandon Morrow fanned 17 Tampa Bay Rays in a CG back in 2010. Morrow threw 137 pitches that day; Scherzer threw 119. They both threw one hit-shuouts.

(To show how things have changed just from five years ago with respect to pitch limits, there were 166 games in 2010 where pitchers threw 119+ pitches; in 2015 thus far, there have been only 17 such games.

And Anibal Sanchez, struggling for much of the season, turned things around (6/15, #32) with a two-hit shutout against the Reds.

After starting the season 6-5, CG pitchers now have their won-loss record up to 23-9 for the year to date.

At this point last year, we had 46 CG en route to a total of 113.