Thursday, January 24, 2013


Quick note to remind y'all that we still control the vertical, horizontal and the diagonal when it comes to pushing out the prescient poop....though our friend Buzzin' Fly, who makes the Arctic tern look like a piker given the miles he logs in getting the scoop from the various insider sources across the country, messed up the geography on us.

As we told you, the Upton brothers (Justin and B.J.) will play together, but not in Boston. The boys from Norfolk are going south and will prance around the outfield in Atlanta for at least the next three seasons. If all goes well, they will either have a box of cough drops manufactured for them (and Braves fans, with their penchant for war whoops, are always in need of a soothing lozenge or two...) or the Turner Field concessionaires will concoct a specialty sandwich in their honor.

Move over, Georgia dog!
Unless, of course, they live down to their intermittent reputations over the past few years, in which case the "sandwich" will be something more akin to the canine species.

Our sense is that the Braves, having had a great run of talent development over the past few years, have tried to fill an inside straight and might well wind up with the first of several "enigmatic" teams as the next part of the decade unfolds. Unlike the Red Sox, who decided go the "fixing a hole where the rain comes in" route after they done gone and drowned, the Braves think they are gearin' up for 100 wins, but likely will be shocking their fans when they find 2013 to be a season where the team finds itself trapped in a vat of .500-proof molasses.