Monday, May 12, 2014


As the wags are wont to say: "it's a whole new ballgame."

The American League roared back this past week, winning 17 of 26 interleague contests held from May 5-11.

They went 10-4 playing in AL home parks, and 7-5 while playing on the road in NL parks.

As a result, things are all knotted up 35-35 going into today's games (May 12th).

The Blue Jays, who'd been playing lethargically in the previous two weeks despite hitting a notable quantity of dingers, climaxed a five-game win streak against the NL by slugging five homers against the Phillies. (Returning to intraleague play, they reverted to conundrum/enigma status, dropping three straight at home to the Angels.)

The Rockies and the Blue Jays are hitting the hardest against the opposite league (1.003 and .925 OPS in seven games played respectively.) Of the teams with more than five interleague games played, the Cubs and the Indians are the marshmallows (each sporting a .551 OPS in six games).

There are currently two teams who've yet to play a single interleague game. Can you name them?

No, not the Yankees and Mets...but these two clubs start a home-and-home four game faceoff tonight.