Saturday, May 17, 2014


The chart at right provides a look at who's doing what to whom with respect to "close games."

Recall that "close games" are defined as games which end with a run differential of two runs or less. (Which, of course, is one run, because--well, you know because...don't you??)

Five teams are over .600 in close games thus far (Brewers, Orioles, Twins, Giants, Tigers). Four teams are under .400 (Blue Jays, Reds, Astros, Cubs).

That is no misprint for the Cubs, they're 3-17 in close games thus far in '14. That WPCT of .150 is more than eighty points below the lowest full-season close game WPCT in the history of the game (1935 Boston Braves, who went 18-59 in such games, for a WPCT of .234).

The Astros, with their 6-14 mark (.300 WPCT), are only five slots up from the bottom.

The Giants and the Padres have been in the most close games thus far--each with 28. The Rangers have played in the least (prior to tonight's games, that is...), with just 16.

The overall percentage of games that are "close games" is still over 50% in 2014--the exact figure is 51.2%.