Wednesday, May 14, 2014

424 HR

That's the current "theoretical maximum" total of homers that any individual team "could hit" based on...

...the highest total of HRs hit by hitters in a particular Batting Order Position (BOP).

Now that's the total by every hitter who batted in the BOP, not just a single player in a BOP, as we've been showing in our recent series of posts.

Think of these as the "abstract BOP" HR leaders.

It's actually refreshing to see that there are three BOPs (#2, #5, #7) whose top totals were hit in years much deeper in the past than anyone might expect.

You may be able to figure out who were the primary residents of these "top BOPs" by looking at the team and the year. We hope so, because we're not going to tell you who they are...