Sunday, September 1, 2013


So the NL needed a big push in August to get back in the "race" for interleague bragging rights. But the AL had an advantage early in the month, with match-ups featuring better AL teams vs. lesser NL teams.

After being shocked by a 5-0 NL sweep on August 2nd, the AL went 9-1 in the next two days and pretty much stuck a fork into the NL's hopes for a come-from-behind victory.

Late in the month, the Red Sox played well on the West Coast (not something they're known for when they play against teams in their own league...) and they had the good fortune to miss both Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke in Los Angeles.

All the more reason why we should take the interleague results with a grain of salt even as we keep on pushing to bring you the news that virtually no one wants to know.

September doesn't bode well for the NL, either. With eight interleague series left, only three of those remaining favor them (Jays/D-backs, M's/Cards, Reds/Astros). After the Brewers blew a lead this afternoon and wound up being swept by the Angels, there are 23 games left; the NL would have to go 19-4 to wind up in a tie.

Only one September series features a matchup of two teams likely to be in the post-season; we had three of these in August (A's/Reds, Rays/Dodgers, Red Sox/Dodgers). The NL took six of those eight games.

Too bad it's not just a bit closer: the season needs some added spice...

...especially since the A-Rod circus won't happen until deep into the off-season.