Thursday, September 5, 2013


OK, this is a quickie, but we promise it will feel good, particularly for those of you who have negative ju-ju about the Los Angeles Dodgers. (You know you're out there...)

We talked about their turnaround a couple weeks back, looking at their "fifty game scald" (42-8) and where that ranked historically.

They've stayed solid since then. They are 67 games into their turnaround, and the record is 53-14 over that span.

As the chart shows, that's the best such 67-game skein over the past 25 years.

But does it win you anything? Sure, 95% of these teams go to the playoffs. But just playing great for a 67-game stretch--being the best at it in any given year--doesn't mean that you'll win the World Series. (Cue up Billy Beane robot voice: "The playoffs are a crapshoot.")

Still, it's somewhat surprising that only three teams with the best 67-game skeins in each year from 1989 to 2012 have won the World Series. That's only 12%. We thought it might be a little higher than that--and probably it is when we get out of the expansion era. But that time frame might start to pick up a bunch of teams who had hot 67-game streaks and didn't win the pennant.

We'll check that out. You just sit back and know that the odds of the Dodgers winning the World Series have not been helped by their 67-game skein. So there!