Friday, May 1, 2015


Yes, he's back (and thank our friends at Doctors Without Borders for getting us hooked up with this sinister surgeon before the image was waterboarded--er...watermarked--by the special folks at the Science Photo Library. (For God's sake, do we have to monetize everything??)

And the fact that he's back (and we're not surprised to discover that he and his cronies really don't have your back...) means that interleague play (that great innovation now being secreted like, well, like an intravenous bag filled with molasses...) is gurgling along right on schedule.

There will be nearly double the number of interleague games as was the case in April (which is, perhaps, a very small rebuttal of T.S. Eliot's maxim about "the cruelest month"). There were 26 interleague games in April, and there will be 49 in May.

The Dodgers and Astros swept their respective series, and began the "great interleague race" (pardon us while we adjust our stethoscope...) with 3-0 records.

The Red Sox actually have the most wins, with four, but they also lost a couple of games...they were the only team to play in more than one interleague series during the month of April.

The Royals will play eight interleague games in May, all against NL Central teams.