Sunday, May 3, 2015


Last year, there were 15 complete games in the month of April (over a total of 810 games), which established a pace for 90 over the course of 2014. (Remember that we count only CGs that involve stints of eight or more innings.)

That pace picked up enough to squeak past the all-time low for CGs (set in 2007) and we wound up with 112.

This year, we had only 5 CGs in April. (There were also fewer games played in April--quite a lot less, in fact, due to the later start of the 2015 season.) That total number of games: just 654.

Still, the pace for CGs in 2015 at the end of April was eye-poppingly lower--and probably the lowest ever: a projected season-end total of just 37.

Yesterday, CG #6 occurred when the Tigers' David Price limited the Royals to five hits and went all the way in a 2-1 win.

That brings the year-end pace up to 41.

This really is shaping up as the year where the record for least CGs in baseball history is set.