Saturday, July 26, 2014


The announcement today by the Hall of Fame that the BBWAA has voted to shrink the "length of ballot" time for eligible players to ten years is nothing more or less than a new low in the checkered histories of those two organizations.

This action is a punitive act of cowardice and deserves swift and lasting retribution from all fans.

Jeff Idelson, HOF president and consummate media hack, made a quintessentially lame attempt to justify the reduction based on an ersatz statistical analysis indicating that only about ten percent of all players are elected after their tenth year on the ballot, but the Prince of Smarm is not fooling anyone with such twaddle.

MLB to Barry and Roger: "The fix is REALLY in..."
It is clear that the HOF and the BBWAA have cooked up a scheme that will allow them to "pocket veto" the Hall of Fame voting to safely bypass the controversial election decisions that have evolved in the wake of "roid rage."

By reducing the length of time in such a way that penalizes everyone on the ballot now, rather than beginning the ten-year process for those entering the ballot in 2015, the HOF and BBWAA (and, of course, the outgoing puppetmaster and all-around skroink that we call Budzilla...) have tipped their hands, making it obvious that they intend to blackball Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

If even one player needs more than ten years to be elected, then it's clear that the system requires the ripeness of time that the originators crafted into the process. That's even more true in an age where there are more candidates due to the increase in the number of teams.

Instead, needing to circle wagons due to a growing sense that the Hall of Fame selection process is seriously flawed, the BBWAA and the HOF have gone into a collective squat and deposited a turd in the punchbowl.

In response, we urge all baseball fans to return the "favor" and boycott the Hall of Fame, its facilities, its products, and--in short--everything associated with this increasingly craven organization--until and unless they a) rescind this punitive, cowardly rule change and b) whatever surreal incarnation of a so-called "Veterans Committee" inducts Bonds and Clemens.

In short, do not give so much as a dime to these clowns. Make Cooperstown a ghost town until the jackasses who made this decision are forced to change the rule, formally apologize, and allowed to resign without severance pay.