Saturday, June 14, 2014


They've gotten hot in Houston.

The Astros have won 15 of 21 since May 24 after their 7-3 win over the Rays this afternoon (6/14).

We thought you might like to know how they've been doing that.

Thanks to David Pinto's Day by Day Database, we can create in-season snapshots of data.

So we did.

They cover the 20 games from May 24 to June 13.

The Astros have been buoyed by solid pitching, particularly from Dallas Keuchel and Scott McHugh.

They hit 25 HRs in that time frame, and going into their 6/14 contest, they had moved up to third in the AL in homers (with 75).

Rookies George Springer and Jon Singleton were notable contributors during this time frame.

And Chris (X-Files) Carter continues to do little but hit HRs.

We wouldn't expect this to continue--certainly not at this pace. But if we can actually put two sentences into the same paragraph, then the Astros might not wind up as the Lastros in '14.