Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Another exercise in efficiency from the Marlins' Henderson Alvarez, who notched his his third CG and third shutout of the 2014 season last night (6/3) in a 1-0 win over the slumping Tampa Bay Rays.

Strikeouts show in bold type..
Our pitch chart (at left), organized by times through the batting order, shows that Alvarez got more stingy with pitches as he went along (though, as David Pinto pointed out in his summary of the game at Baseball Musings, the Rays were certainly complicit: they have been mired in a significant batting slump for more than a week).

Alvarez certainly didn't do anything to help the Rays escape that slump, however. Since joining the Fish last year, Henderson has begun to resemble a right-handed version of Tommy John--very good at preventing homers, with excellent control, and improving his platoon numbers (lefty batters used to have their way with him, but that's not been the case thus far in '14).

Current projection for total number of complete games in 2014: 109.