Saturday, April 5, 2014


It's Year Two of the "slow drip" version of interleague play, a listless plot devised by overachieving "rain men" employed by MLB to induce what we would call "meta-coma" (if we could only figure out just what that actually's hard to distinguish it from the plethora of distraction techniques that are being put into play).

So, as was the case last year, you can (if so inclined) keep tabs on the feinted heartbeat of Budzilla's third silliest idea. (Just in case you were wondering: #2--putting his daughter in charge of the Brewers; #1--canceling the 1994 World Series.)

We consider it to be a thankless task, a damnable duty, a contrarian accounting, and an island of hokum in a sea of fatuity--though not necessarily in that order.

Your Interleague Play Trivia Question® for this edition of Slow Drip™ (concocted in a shameless attempt to stretch our text to a length that will cover the size of the graphic displays....) is as follows...

Over the history of interleague play, the top eight teams in winning percentage (WPCT) in games against the other league are held by franchises located in the American League. Without cheating (that means no trips to Forman et fils), name them--and for extra credit, name them in descending order of WPCT.

We think that a couple of the teams on this list will surprise you.