Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014: COMPLETE GAMES #5, 6

Ah, they are coming fast and furious now, and it serves us right, now, doesn't it, for mouthing off about getting the MLB CG total under a hundred.

Today we had a complete game shutout from Adam Wainwright (who led the NL with five complete games in 2013) and one of those complete game losses from the Braves' young lefty, Alex Wood (his first career CG). The Braves lost to the Phillies, 1-0, but Philadelphia starter A. J. Burnett was relieved after throwing seven scoreless innings.

What we can tell you here is that the current record for the least number of complete games in a season was set in 2007, when starters had just 112 CGs. Last year, starters made a run at it, but wound up with a total of 124.

At this point in the season, the current pace for CGs, with this little two day flurry, is now up to just a little over 64.