Thursday, May 30, 2013


We are getting warmed up for the Ptolemaic MVP calculations, which will re-commence here in the next few days. Those, of course, use two-month data...what follows below is data with twice as much sample size--the top 25 hitters in baseball over the past four months worth of games (back to August 1, 2012). Our list is sorted by good old on-base plus slugging (OPS):

There are three, maybe four, names here that will be a bit surprising. Most of them can be found in the American League: once you get past the monster numbers put up by Chris Davis (going toe-to-toe with Miguel Cabrera for the HR lead), you'll be slack-jawed with wonder at the solid performances of a couple of members of the Oakland A's (Josh Donaldson and Brandon Moss) who would never have been remotely considered as potential presences at or even relatively near the top of such a list.

Bryce Harper continues to outshine Mike Trout as a "pure" hitter even as we extend into what is roughly two-thirds of a season's worth of data. The Yankees, suddenly faltering a bit at the hands of their lowly crosstown rivals, might wonder whether they should have let Nick Swisher get away in favor of a lame "victory lap" for Ichiro!, what with only Robinson Cano hitting up to snuff. Looks as though they're going to need to get some of that "high-priced spread" back after all...