Wednesday, July 18, 2012


He's played just one-ninth's worth of a season's games since being banished from Beantown, but Kevin Youkilis has (so far, at least) looked a lot like his old self:


Moving around in the top slots of the Pale Hose lineup, Youk has averaged an RBI a game since being welcomed to the South Side by none other than Barack Obama.

The White Sox have won twelve of eighteen since acquiring the sometimes prickly corner man, who looks as though he's reasonably healthy again. His departure from Boston may have preceded the final act that dismantles what we've puckishly termed the EJE (Epstein-James Era) over in the Usher-like "House of Fen," a structure overbuilt by its previous architect/owner and still prone to a peculiarly lingering form of fractious fragility.

For now, at least, Youk is giving the lie to those who've made their careers in the pursuit of faux elegiacs, an ingrown art that has plagued sports pages since the defeat of the Spartans (and we are not referring to collegiate football when we write this). Let's hope that the curtain does not come down on Youk's performance for a good long while, and that those who decided to jettison him will have to reckon with their hasty decision even as the remaining monuments from the EJE crumble into the mists of memory.