Saturday, April 21, 2012


Yes, that bubble is gonna burst sooner or later...but what a bubble!
It's bad form, it's a jinx, and holy Budweiser it sure as hell ain't analytical at all...but Jesus H. Jehoshaphat, when a guy is slugging 1.000, it's simply wrong to not acknowledge that fact.

And that's exactly where the SLG-o-meter is residing this AM for Matt Kemp after he went 3-for-3 with homer #8 in last night's game in Houston.

In his last nine games, Kemp is hitting .543 (19-for-35), has hit six home runs.

Of course it's downhill from here, etc. etc. Yes, it's only 14 games. But...


And it's a perfect excuse to cue up one of the greatest slices of power pop in the history of the world--just as it began a sharp transition into meta-irony and a chronic need for decriminalization--Dwight Twilley's "I'm On Fire," which began climbing the charts thirty-seven years ago this month, coinciding with what was quite probably the last time we can  "remember the feeling that I could be free" (as the song posits). Every time we hear it, however, we get a jolt of that sublimely transcendent alienation (complete with impossibly kick-ass backbeat).

Even though it surely ain't his style, it's just the kind of mojo that's been firing up Mr. Kemp.

In memory of Phil Seymour and Bill Pitcock IV, who were instrumental in lighting up Mr. Twilley here, in one for the ages.