Thursday, November 7, 2013


A quick note...more detailed and elaborate entries in process, but here is a perspective we've not seen elsewhere, so thought it would be worth pointing out.

No fan-based favoritism intended or implied (and no disrespect/disloyalty to my good friend Brock Hanke and his beloved hometown team in St. Louis), but it should have been the Dodgers and the Red Sox in this 2013 World Series.

After the jawdropping transaction made by the two teams in late 2012, signifying so much that is both apposite and opposite in the bloated bombast that has overtaken the faux auteurist world of baseball management, it would have only been right that these two franchises square off in the Fall Classic.

The franchise that jettisoned its high-priced spread, and the money-drunk conglomerate that took those "assets" (let's stay in "CIA mode," it's so much more entertaining than CYA mode...) off their hands--it would have been the perfect meta-irony for a world besotted by its own eye-rolling.

And speaking of ironies: the Cardinals defeat a CYA level left-hander (Clayton Kershaw) twice to move into the World Series, only to become helpless (and wrenched from their season-long RISP magic) against a lesser lefty (Jon Lester) whose superb performance got something akin to short shrift in the long shadows of David Ortiz.

The Dodgers were not as good a team as the Cardinals, but it sure would have been interesting to see Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez back in Fenway Park.

It's our loss.

One final question: Theo who??