Saturday, July 13, 2013


We love David Pinto's Day-by-Day Database. Despite the new batting logs up and running at Forman et fil, David's queries are still more wide-ranging and more flexible, even if they don't include several useful stats that Sean and co. have provided.

Here's a little something as we stall for time to put together several more elaborate items...the Top 20 hitters (according to OPS) for the last year. That time frame would be July 13, 2012 until July 12, 2013--from last year to yesterday. You'll see that Miguel Cabrera just had a dandy year--too bad it will never show up in the record books.

It also shows some other interesting tidbits, but we'll get to those in a minute after we've referenced the item in our title. Last year at this time, the A's Josh Donaldson was at AAA (that's Sacramento, in case you were wondering). Since returning to Oakland last August, Josh has been the A's best player. It's a crying shame that he's playing third base in the American League, however, because the logjam of talent there is keeping him off the All-Star team.

An All-Star nod would have been icing
on the cake for Josh, but he seems
happy enough with a piece o'pie..
Jeez...there's Cabrera, Adrian BeltreEvan Longoria and even the Mariners' Kyle Seager to have to mess with, plus the highly-touted kid for the Orioles, Manny Machado (who got the nod for the backup slot behind Cabrera on this year's All-Star squad). Even our "5-in-1" All-Star concept (we'll get that out for you once again in the next couple of days...) would not guarantee Josh a starting berth. Sad to say it, because he's just been an incredible pleasure to watch over the past year...

Not too many surprises on this list, actually. We have Josh and Aaron Hill as the two unexpected ones (shaded in blue), but we should have probably done the same for Eric Chavez...truth be told, we really shouldn't have put Chavey up here, since he's really a bit short on playing time; but he's been doing so well for the D-backs that doing so was impossible to resist.

From the more prosaic perspective of Ye Olde Counting Stats, here are the leaders in various statistical categories according to our quirky calendar.

Hits: Cabrera 223, Mike Trout 209, Torii Hunter 208, Beltre 204, Adam Jones 202, Allen Craig 200.

Runs: Trout 135, Cabrera 127, Desmond Jennings 114, Justin Upton 112, Jones 111.

Doubles: Buster Posey 49, Machado 47, Albert Pujols 46, Jones and Dustin Pedroia, 44.

Triples: Starling Marte 14, Trout 12, Angel Pagan 11, Jean Segura 11.

Homers: Cabrera 55, Chris Davis 54, Edwin Encarnacion 43, Beltre 40.

RBI: Cabrera 162, Davis 133, Encarnacion and Adrian Gonzalez 121, Craig 120.

BB: Shin-Soo Choo 99, Joey Votto 97, Prince Fielder 95, Carlos Santana and Joe Mauer 94.

IBB: Cabrera 21, Robinson Cano 18, Votto 17, Pujols and Ryan Braun 15.

SO: Pedro Alvarez and Chris Carter 200, Mark Reynolds 199, Davis 195, Adam Dunn 192.

HBP: Choo 27, Carlos Quentin 19, Marte and Fielder, Jon Jay and Kevin Youkilis 17.

SB: Everth Cabrera 61, Jacoby Ellsbury 50, Carlos Gomez and Rajai Davis, 47, Ben Revere 44, Trout 42.

GDP: Michael Young 30, Matt Holliday 29, Pujols 28, Howie Kendrick 26, Cabrera 25.

You might be surprised to discover that Chris Davis has only grounded into five double plays over the past year. Then again, you might not.

At any rate, interesting lists because they are obscure. Not quite so obscure, however, as before--thanks to David P.'s DbD dB.