Thursday, June 6, 2013


The interleague "drip" continues on into June...

We'll post up the completed May chart over the weekend.

There will be a bit of a flurry in cross-league games late in the month, but we won't be seeing any reprise of the full-on interleague schedule that was the case in the days after Memorial Day.

Who is playing well in the "drip" version of interleague play?

The Rays. They're 9-1.

The Mets. They're 7-1,

The Cubs. They're 7-2.

Detecting a pattern here? Yes: the teams whose nicknames have four letters are hotter than sh*t in interleague play this year.

Who's playing like sh*t in interleague play this year??

Yes, of course. The Marlins (1-8).

And the Brewers (2-7). We know that Mr. BS doesn't own them anymore, but there's something comforting about having his former club turning into a giant, rancid piece o'cheese this season.

Oh, yes: the Giants (2-6). The defending champs have been struggling since mid-May: they've lost 13 of their last 21 games, and their pitching has been shaky.

Stay tuned...