Wednesday, February 13, 2013


A playfully grandiose kick-start for spring training occurred yesterday, with our old pal Prince Fielder smack dab in the middle of it.

Topps and Prince teamed up to create the world's largest baseball card (90' x 60'), which was put on display at an adjunct field near the Detroit Tigers' facility in Lakeland, FL.

We think Topps nailed this one. There's no one with a "shadow print" that's anywhere in the vicinity of Prince's, so if one was going to "go large," he's the guy.

Prince has 260 lifetime HRs thus far, which means he needs to hit 15 this year in order to be "hitting his weight."

Seriously, those 260 HR put Prince 15th on the all-time list for HRs by the age of 28. He's seventeen behind his Tiger teammate, Miguel Cabrera (who had 277 HR through age 28).

Of the fourteen guys ahead of him on that list, one three (Andruw Jones, Juan Gonzalez, and Adam Dunn) are not going to go into the Hall of Fame.

The jury's still out on Prince in that respect, but we're sure that his giant baseball card is going to make it in--if they can only figure out a way to get it inside!
By the way, there's no truth to the rumor that the Tigers pulled a fast one yesterday and substituted flame-throwing relief pitcher Bruce Rondon for Prince in this photo shoot.

The two of them are likely to set some records in 2013 for the largest quantities of buffet food consumed on a road trip, a home stand, a 24-hour period. A whole new value system--CAR (Calories Above Replacement)--will need to be implemented in order to keep up with their antics...