Sunday, August 12, 2012


Big, fat, colorful lists are just one of our specialities here. And this one is no exception, once again brought to you via the multivariate capabilities provided by David Pinto's Day-by-Day Database.

As of 8-11-1987, this is how the AL hitters looked. We are sorting by OPS.

No, we have no idea why Mike Davis's doubles total is in bold. The rest of 'em should designate the league leader in the offensive category at the time of the snapshot.

It's downright strange to look at these numbers in this way--and that's because it wasn't displayed this way until just about this point in time, and never with OPS as the organizing principle. (Of course, for many today it's already passé.)

It was, as many of you doubtless remember, the hittin'-est year anyone had seen in quite some time. (No one knew what was just around the corner, of course.) In retrospect, it's clear what an outlier it really was, at least at the time...for goodness' sakes, it's a year in which Rob Deer could hit over .250!

We'll be back with the NL tomorrow.