Tuesday, June 12, 2012


And, quickly, again thanks to David Pinto's Day by Day Database, here is a condensed version of the pitching leaders and trailers as of June 10, 1987...

Hall of Famers are shown in red type. (Stupid formatting errors are shown wherever they appear...)

You are, of course, interested to know (in spite of yourself) what some of the end-of-season stats for some of these guys looked like... Charlie Leibrandt wound up 16-11, 3.41. And perhaps you're thinking that this is one of Bret Saberhagen's big Cy Young Award seasons. That'd be a big fat negativo, sahib.

Don Sutton, trying desperately to hold onto the lifetime homers allowed record, wound up 11-11, 4.70 and would slog through about a third of the 1988 season before retiring. Bert Blyleven, trying desperately to catch Sutton, was coming off a season in which he allowed 50 HRs; he'd wind up allowing 46 more this year, eventually going 15-12 with a 4.01 ERA. (He'd take a sharp nosedive in '88, going 10-17, 5.43).

And Jack Morris would turn his season around--at least in terms of his ERA--in the next start. Ol' Jack, the odds-on favorite to make the Hall of Fame in 2013 and turn the Internet into one long recitation of Allen Ginsberg's most (in)famous poem, would become the hard-luck pitcher than many have wished him to be in the rest of the 1987 season, managing just a 10-9 won-loss record despite a 3.02 ERA.